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Download my latest Bestseller, Hoof Prints on the Journey!

Keeping horses is a challenge… The good news is, you’re not alone. Your horse community is here to help! At the forefront of revolutionary new wisdom, this book will help you navigate issues such as Laminitis and Navicular Disease. Get curious. A few small changes can move you from regret to inspiration!

Hoof Prints on the Journey

Download No Horseshoes in Heaven

My first bestseller, No Horseshoes in Heaven, offers a profound and passionate exploration of past patterns, guiding you through an entertaining and thought-provoking invitation to make alternative choices.

Protect your horse from pain and discomfort and maximize your riding experience through scientific evidence and real-life stories.

Learn from the Cavallo Barefoot Trim Manual

From age 10, renowned barefoot trimmer Lynn Seeley has developed great respect, sensitivity, and understanding for all equine breeds and has improved their well-being through the removal of metal shoes and trimming to health and soundness.

Now, Lynn shares his gentle methods through this illustrated manual and video hosted by me. This valuable manual should be in every horse owner’s library:

And don't forget to watch the Cavallo Barefoot Trim Video that accompanies the manual:

Please enjoy my gifts to you. I hope my books help you and your horse on your barefoot & booted journey!

Wishing you many happy trails,

– Carole

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