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8 Uses for Cavallo Hoof Boots that Might Surprise You!

How Can One Pair of Boots can Have SO Many Uses?

In addition to absorbing shock, providing 100% hoof protection for the barefoot horse, as a spare tire for a lost shoe, protection during breeding or veterinary visits, comfort and injury prevention, here are eight uses for Cavallo Boots that might surprise you:

1. Hoof Rehabilitation/Therapy

Abscesses, infection, injuries, White Line Disease and many more issues heal faster when immediately treated. We can shorten the length of the concern by treating the hoof quickly with the appropriate solution. For example, a simple, warm saltwater solution will create a less inviting environment for an abscess. Cavallos are easily modified to become soaking boots by simply taping up the drainage holes to prevent solutions from escaping. Your horse can still move around while being treated (Read more about using Cavallos during healing HERE).

2. Turnout

Cavallo hoof protection and Pads can be worn for extended periods – even 24/7. If there is no time for a boot ‘break-in’ period, you may use Cavallo Pastern Wraps, Comfort Sleeves, socks, or even vet wrap to protect the pastern area. Bacteria can be controlled with a solution of apple cider vinegar and water. Remove boots daily and check the hooves to ensure no unnecessary problems are developing. The boots provide much comfort, which is vital since movement is necessary for healing.

3. Safe, Comfortable Transportation

From treatable surface wounds to irreparable impairment, the leading causes are scrambling, loss of balance, and conflict with other horses. These are all lower limb problems that can be avoided.

The vibration of travel can aggravate horses’ joints, muscular and skeletal structures, making a horse sore and stiff. Using Cavallo Boots and Pads together can help your horse to arrive feeling less fatigued and more ready to perform for you.

Easily absorb shock and protect your horse’s feet with Cavallo Hoof Boots. They ensure proper traction to prevent scrambling and minimize incidents and damage to the horse or trailer by dislodged metal shoes.

Barrel Racer Cheyenne Wimberly uses Cavallo Trek Boots to give her horses comfort during their extensive travel, and last year she took 13th place in World Standing 2021. Read about her experiences using her Cavallos HERE!

4. Over Metal Horseshoes

mounted Patrol Unit - Cavallo Hoof Boots ReviewAll styles of Cavallo Boots have soles that effectively absorb shock and vibration, which travel up your horse’s structure. Boots also protect and prevent sole bruising in rough terrain, on hard ground and asphalt. Cavallos are also used for shod horses for hoof rehabilitation and provide increased comfort and protection during riding, training, transport, and turnout. (CLICK HERE to read about Cavallo’s Best Boot Warranty for shod horses)

Message from Chrissy Brown, Mounted Patrol, Ohio:

“These boots have been a blessing. We do mounted patrol for our county. Our fair is this week and my horse is doing better than ever before. Lots of gravel!”

5. Winter Conditions

Frozen ground can create treacherous conditions, and soft, smooth footing can turn into uneven rigid protuberances. Watch for a change in your horse’s environment and use caution when required. Most of us ride less during cold weather but standing in a stall can create too much unnatural energy in your horse, and we know horses are meant to move. Rather than spontaneously blasting around on dangerous footing, using Cavallo hoof boots (with studs if required) allows for a nice, controlled ride – sheds a better light on the day for both you and your horse. If deep snow is the issue, use your Cavallos for turnout to manage snowballing and to bring your horse relief on hard, frozen ground.

6. Navicular Syndrome, Laminitis/Founder

Dolly - The Laminitis Site UK in Cavallo Trek Boots for LaminitisBlood should circulate with ease through the proper channels, carrying a host of nutrients throughout the hoof. Oxygen and nutrients help increase healthy new cellular growth. Optimally functioning hoofs will naturally show a decrease in symptoms of discomfort and facilitate healing the cause. Rehabilitating the hoof to perform its natural function is the only way to cure a condition. Additionally, all styles of Cavallo Boots absorb shock and relieve the strain to extensor tendons and lateral cartilage. Hoofs require proper trimming, hydration and adequate movement on appropriate terrain. Cavallo Hoof Boots are an integral part of the rehabilitation process, as they provide comfort, protection and traction. They keep your horse moving, which also keeps their other vital bodily functions working well while they heal.

7. Hoof Hydration in Extreme Heat Conditions

We do not know of a hoof dressing that can adequately re-establish moisture in the hoof. Most products contain oil-based, tarry, turpentine, lactates, stearates, acetone, alcohol, and other unwanted drying agents. The hooves may appear wet outside, but these dressings do not permeate internally.

Let me show you an easy way to hydrate your horse’s hooves using Cavallo Hoof Boots – watch my video HERE! Transform your go-anywhere boots by simply covering the drainage holes and filling them with water. Allow your horse to stand in these soaking boots for an hour at a time. He will get moisture to his hooves, just like he would if standing at a watering hole. This trick also works well if your horse is uncomfortable on dry, hard, Summer ground. 

8. Jumping

Jumping in Trek Horse Hoof Boots

Cavallo Boots are scientifically proven to absorb impact and minimize pressure on the hoof. For a horse jumping repetitively with the additional weight of a rider, the reduction in hoof pressure offered by Cavallo soles can add relief in the short AND long term. Cavallos are proven to absorb impact and minimize pressure on the hoof. For more information, please see this video report by Dr. Jennifer Gill and Gabriella Lynn of the Western Kentucky University Equine Sciences department, citing the results of their 2019 study regarding the effect of Cavallo Hoof Boots on reducing hoof pressure.

Wise Words from Dr. Robert Bowker:

“Is Barefoot Better? The blood in horses’ feet does much more than provide nutrients to hoof tissues, and it also enables the unshod foot to function as a hydraulic system, in much the same way that gel-filled athletic shoes do. We need to be trimming hooves so that more of the back part of the foot — including the frog — bears the initial ground impact forces and weight. Horseshoes provide a much smaller surface area to absorb shock. So, if a bare hoof landing after a jump, experiences, say, 1,000 pounds of loading per square foot, then with a traditional shoe, there is going to be 2,000 pounds per square foot.”

In addition to these 8 uses for Cavallo Boots, there are so many more!

Wait – we can’t forget the minis!  Cavallo Boots are perfect for keeping horses safe on indoor surfaces. Did you know they’re a favourite of mini therapy horses for extra traction and safety on slick hospital or care home floors? This lovely video by Honey’s Mini Therapy adventures shows some Cavallo-clad mini horses in action! WATCH HERE!

What’s your favourite way to use your Cavallo Boots?

Wishing you many happy trails and a very happy horse!

-Carole Herder

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