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Cavallo ELB Bling Hoof Boot
Entry Level BLING Regular Sole Hoof Boot (sold per single boot)
$79.95 USD
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Cavallo Trek Green Horse Hoof Boot
Trek GREEN Slim Sole Hoof Boot (sold per single boot)
$104.95 USD
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Jacqueline Brooks Canadian Olympic Dressage Rider

“I decided during the Covid break to let all my horses go barefoot until I felt they needed shoes again. As time went by, I found there was little reason to return to shoes. My horses feel wonderful on footing, have no trouble with our grass and all-weather paddocks and, so far, all the jog strips have been rubber or footing. The only place I struggled with this decision was in the areas around the stabling at shows where there was primarily gravel and stones. These boots have been a godsend! The horses are now completely comfortable going to and from the ring on any footing. They are amazing! Horses are so confident on the gravel! Lots of people asking where to get them at the show this past weekend! They are also extremely comfortable in the gravel wash racks."
I was so relieved to partner with Cavallo and to be able to maintain performing at this level of competition barefoot!!”

—Jacqueline Brooks, Olympic Canadian Team Dressage Rider

“My boy has had Low Ringbone and for years..."

"My boy has Low Ringbone and I couldn't find boots for him that actually worked. Just a whole lot of lameness and unwillingness to walk on rough surfaces. I decided to Trek Boots and OMG, you guys! He is a whole new horse when riding in these boots. No limp, lameness, or short strides. He is willing to go wherever I point him, including our 2-mile gravel driveway gravel (which he wouldn't touch before). These are 100% worth the purchase and helped my boy tremendously. He is now confident and has more energy, but most importantly he is now comfortable! 10/10!"”

—Dana Bopp

“Veterinarian Recommended!"

"Rebel has recovered from Laminitis and has to be kept barefoot. Cavallo Boots allow him to go on gentle trail rides that he loves. He’s doing great as and adjusting to the boots. I followed your video on how to break them in and it was a big help. He’s a Rocky Mountain Horse. Rebel was a patient at Cornell University Ruffian Equine Hospital in NY last year and they recommended the boots. I’m very careful to do whatever I can to keep those hoofs healthy. He’s really walking great!"”

—Judith Murtha, NY
Cavallo Trek Hoof Boots testimonial

“I Wish I Could Have Known About these Boots Sooner!"

"Hello, friendly folks at Cavallo! Here is a pic of my Arabian, Rilke, in his Cavallos. We are finally able to hit the trails in Northern Utah. Thanks for the emails especially the ones advertising sales. So excited to get out and ride and send a picture that I almost forgot the testimonial! My horse, Rilke, and I have enjoyed using Cavallo Hoof Boots. They are easy to put on, take off, and clean. I also use the insert pads to give him extra comfort. I love that I don't have to rely on having horseshoes to go out on hoof-chipping terrain. I wish I would have known about these boots sooner. My friends are impressed too!"

BTW...I urge folks with Cavallos to let their friends' horses try their Cavallos on for size. I have callipers that I use to measure my horse's (and friend's horses) hooves. Thanks again!”

—Michelle Paustenbaugh

“The boots were amazing!"

"There were so many metal drain covers along the London New Year's Day Parade route which couldn’t be avoided. Elvis didn’t slip on one once with his boots on!"”

—Rachel Gardiner

“Mounted Unit Finds Boots Invaluable

“Our boots are extremely important while working on streets, protecting our mounts from slipping and hard ground. They are also important while we conduct searches in rough terrain for missing or lost hikers. Thank you for such an amazing, tough product.”

—Mo Parga, DCSO Mounted Posse
Tron Impar Hoof Ligament - Cavallo Hoof Boots

“Torn Impar Ligament in Hoof"

"I just got my first pair of Cavallo hoof boots. My mare has a torn Impar ligament in her hoof and so has been retired. I pulled her shoes but I wanted to protect her feet from the decomposed granite and sand that is everywhere here in the desert. I love these boots! Even after an hour long ride, very, very little dirt got inside of them and they fit nice and snuggly. They were very easy to put on and my horse had no problem walking trotting and cantering with them. I would definitely buy them again."”

—Wendy Malek

“We were having problems with other boots staying on"

"We have two barefoot Haflingers that do Combined Driving. My barefoot trimmer, Lynn Seeley, recommended Cavallo Boots, as we were having problems with other boots staying on in the marathon.
Cavallos have been great...never had one come off, twist or get sucked off by mud! We have studs on them now, as surfaces can be really slick, and the studs help to grab. I love them!"”

—Theresa (Ginny) Leal, Auburn, CA
Cavallo the best Horse Hoof Boot Brand

“Third Brand I Tried..."

"I have used them for years and never lost a boot!! Cavallo was the third brand I tried, and none of the others stayed on (one brand even ripped on the first ride!). I highly recommend them!!"”

—Michelle Eiland
PATH International Cavallo Hoof Boots Review

“Supporting PATH Instructors, Sanctuaries, Non-Profits and ALL HORSES!"

"I want to publicly THANK Cavallo Hoof Boots for their support of PATH Instructors, sanctuaries, non-profits barefoot support and ALL HORSES! I love this company and your team!!! I want to send some pictures of our Rescue Horses who serve our US Veterans and First Responders. All of our horses go Barefoot and some need a little extra support. We are SO Grateful for your discounts! It allows us to boot our horses who need it. We love you, Cavallo !!!!”

—Krista Carroll-Venezia
Cavallo Hoof Boots Saddle Pad Review

“His Cavallo Saddle Pad Makes him Feel like he Can Fly!"

"I’ve my Quarterhorse since he was 4 years old and I’ve shaped him into the horse he is today. I do Pony Club, western riding and fun days with him, and we enjoy every second of it. He always gives me 110% no matter how tired he is. I have a passion for the comfort and happiness of horses and people, coming from my area of work in vet nursing. I purchased a Cavallo Saddle Pad so I could improve my horse’s saddle fit, and let’s just say it makes him feel like he can fly! The difference is insane!"”

—Emma Stephens-Hodder
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Emma Massingale Loves her Cavallos

“A few years ago I was introduced to Cavallo Hoof Boots and, to be honest, I was at the point of thinking that barefoot really wasn’t going to work for me. But I spoke to the team at Cavallo and thought I would give their Trek boots a go. When the boots arrived my first thoughts were that they look like they might stay on! After using them on my team over the past years I can honestly say that I have NEVER lost one...”

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Emma Massingale

Adventurer | Free Rider | Award Winning Film Make

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WJ Noni Hartvikson Trains for Paralympic Games with Trek Boots

“We just got back from the 2021 Paralympic Games, where we helped Team Canada to a 10th place finish, improving on their 13th place finish in Rio in 2016! I placed 9th Individually, and 7th in the Team Test. Onyx has finally recovered from his long trip to Tokyo. His Trek Boots are a year old and going strong, and the Pastern Wraps work absolutely perfectly for him. Thanks so much for your great products and support, I really appreciate it!”

Noni Hartvikson
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A Compliment from Monty Roberts

“The Cavallo Total Comfort System Saddle Pads help your horse increase his movement around the shoulder. The gullet system encourages horses to lift their spine and use themselves properly while taking pressure off the withers. This unique memory foam sandwich helps your saddle fit better. In addition to the lightweight thinness of the Cavallo pad I love the reversible feature as I prefer to ride with the 100% New Zealand wool to my horse. Cavallo pads are the best pads in the world today.”

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Monty Roberts

The Man who Listens to Horses

More Celebrity Testimonials

Dan James (Heartland, Double Dan Horsemanship)

“When we were looking for boots for some of the specialty acts that we do, such as Australia’s Got Talent, we were chasing a boot that was going to give our horses the confidence of going onto such surfaces as carpet, or concrete. Cavallo Boots are what we chose to use, they give our horses a lot of confidence in being able to rear up, lay down, turn over, go backwards, the whole lot – and yet not feel any kind of restrictions.”

Watch the Video

Dan James

Double Dan Horsemanship | Heartland (TV show)

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