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A Great Story by one of Cavallo’s Friends

We’ll Have the Summer’ is a really great book and the author Dutch Henry is a really cool guy. Once I started I couldn’t put the book down. It resonates for me personally because I have such respect for the horse/human relationship and I LOVE to barrel race!

Dutch shows us that connected relationships with both humans and animals are the rich threads that create textured engagement in the tapestry of life. Captured in the flavour of authentic western lifestyle, we see the poignant lives of courageous women, kind hearted cowboys, devoted friends and the horses that bring them together. “We’ll Have the Summer,” is a tale of determination and challenge interwoven with joy, happiness and the depth of character that only a skilled author can produce. Everyone who has felt the bitter sweet pull of love and loss should read this book. It will inspire even the most conventional to unreservedly move past their comfort zone.

Dutch uses Cavallo Total Comfort System saddle pads and Cavallo hoof boots too! So he is indeed a smart and talented man!

Carole Herder, President – Cavallo Horse & Rider Inc.

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