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All Things Barefoot

“Sometimes you have to get through your fear in order to see the beauty on the other side”.

I blogged recently about ‘nothing ventured, nothing gained’ and about how we should face our challenges, even though we are scared. To continue on this theme (I am feeling very philosophical lately!), it got me thinking about all the many conversations I have with people and one of the most frequent comments I get is, “I’m too scared to take off his shoes”.

This is perfectly understandable, given the lengthy tradition of horse shoeing, the scepticism around barefoot horses and the lack of support in many parts of the world.

Take a look at the photos below and consider this:

1. Fear of removing the shoesCapture

2. The dire state of the hoof once the shoes are removed

3. The beauty of that same hoof only three months later (still not perfect but getting there!).

So yes, it’s scary getting up on that horse again but by gum, the ride will be worth it. And yes, it’s scary moving yards but you and your horse will be better for it. And yes, it’s scary taking those shoes off
but you and your horse will be a million times better for it. And finally yes, it’s scary going ‘against the grain’ and buying hoof boots instead of metal shoes but once you see the benefits ( and you will, given time and the right support), you’ll never go back.

Every horse should be allowed to grow the foot they want and need so allow your horse to grow the hoof that supports them and provides the balance they need – and don’t be scared!

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