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All Things Barefoot

Hi there,

I just wanted to drop you a note to say thank you for the boots. They have really helped us along. It got me thinking about all the benefits of going barefoot so I thought I would scribble down some thoughts, and didn’t think I’d get so many!

  1. Healthier hooves due to increased blood flow and better circulation.
  2. Better flexion, enhanced cushioning and overall promotion of the development of the inside of the hoof.
  3. Less thrush.
  4. Hooves growing in a natural way with a strong hoof wall, healthy frog and healthy white line.
  5. Improved blood flow and circulation can increase the life span of your horse.
  6. Reduced likelihood of diseases such as navicular and arthritis.
  7. Hoof issues are spotted quicker.
  8. Going barefoot reduces and eliminates lameness issues.
  9. Barefoot horses move naturally and therefore have improved muscle tone, including along the topline.
  10. Better traction and balance and more sure-footed.
  11. State of the art Cavallo hoof boots available for those under transition from shoes or for difficult terrain (yay!).
  12. Fast paces on hard terrain are easier and are less likely to cause concussion injuries.
  13. Going barefoot eliminates the vibrational shock caused by metal shoes on hard ground.
  14. Cheaper – no metal shoes to buy on a regular basis.
  15. Maintenance trims can be learnt by owners thus reducing farrier costs.
  16. No missing out on rides due to ‘pulled or lost shoes’.
  17. A happier horse performing better.
  18. Injuries from kicks within the herd are less serious.
  19. Snow will not ball up within the hoof.
  20. It won’t hurt as much if they stand on your foot!
  21. Less damage to your paddocks.

Attached are some pictures of our gravel-crunching hooves, in the making, and us out on a ride. Thanks again for everything!

June, Texas, USA

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