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American Horse Council Survey

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Now more than ever, it’s important to have data that ensures we understand our diversity and the pressure on the horse world, so that it can appropriately be sustained.

Please consider completing this survey so that the information can be compiled and distributed to all parties to better maintain our industry.  The deadline for the survey is August 18th.

The AHCF 2017 Economic Impact Study for the United States horse industry is an opportunity to showcase how important the vast equine industry is to the United States economy.

Here are some ways the survey findings can be used:

  • Help members of Congress and public fully understand the impact of government action on the economy and the industry;
  • Examine consequences and impacts of economic development projects and efforts;
  • Economic Impact Studies are used frequently in planning and decision making regarding product development and to aid in development of marketing strategies.

2005 AHCF Economic Impact Study Results

The 2005 Economic Impact Study established that the horse industry (including racing, showing, and recreation) had a $39 billion effect on the US economy.  The industry involved more than 4 million Americans, 9.2 million horses, and supported 1.4 million full-time jobs.  The study provided invaluable demographic data and insights into professions and other industries impacted by equine ownership.  The study proved to be extremely helpful to the industry’s efforts in documenting its size, diversity and economic importance to public officials, the press and other media.

How to Complete the Survey

If you wish to participate in this survey, please click here:

To read more about the survey, please click here:

About the American Horse Council

The American Horse Council was organized in 1969 to represent the horse industry in Washington before Congress and the federal regulatory agencies.  It is a non-profit corporation that represents all segments of the equine industry.  To find out more or to become a member, please visit:

Thank you very much for supporting our horse industry by taking the time to complete the survey – I appreciate it.

Happy Trails,

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Carole Herder's Signature


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