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Ashley McCleary and Jasper

Thank you to Ashley and Jasper for sharing their story!

“My Jasper was 6 years old when I got him and he came with a lot of baggage he had a really rough life to start.. he and I have been together for 6 years and he is my Ultimate Super horse, he tries everything I ask him to do…Ashley McCleary and Jasper

I’ve never believed in horseshoes unless you’re doing some heavy competition and I don’t do that I do natural horsemanship… While Jasper and I are ridinghe always has tender feet, I always hated asking Jasper to walk on the rocks because he always would without complaint but he shows his pain in tripping and stumbling but he still did it…

My friend Kelly Wolfe turned me on to the Cavallo boots. I bought them and Jasper can run on rocks now.
thank you!  … we appreciate you!”



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