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  • Drawing the Line on White Line Disease

    With the recent flooding in the U.S. and the notorious, wet conditions Spring offers to some areas, I thought you might welcome a blog about White line Disease.  What is it, exactly, and how can you prevent or fight it?  Understanding an ailment is the first step in prevention or healing. Here is a simple…

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  • Sue Grice's horse Frodo with Laminitis - Cavallo Hoof Boots
    Frodo – A Laminitic Horse with Some Healing to do!

    Sue Grice, well-known UK Horsewoman, thought she might lose her beloved Gypsy Cob when he was given a Laminitis diagnosis.  It’s what every horse owner fears most, and it had happened to Frodo. Is Laminitis Your Enemy?  Here’s How to WIN Frodo was down for the count when Sue discovered the real benefits of using Cavallo…

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  • carriage horses
    The Truth about Carriage Horses

    Have you ever seen those Carriage Horses at Central Park in New York City? People may think they are happy and well behaved because they stand there so nicely and do what they are told. As usual, what I see is something a little different. Often times I wish I could simply turn away and…

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  • Missy Maggi - Facebook testimonial Cavallo ELB Horse Hoof Boots...
    Where The Rubber Meets The Road: Alternatives to Metal Horseshoes

    Our purpose is to discuss the application of horse boots as an alternative to metal shoes. The idea that horses can be barefoot is not new. Horses have a long history of barefoot performance and have carried fully armoured, full sized men into battle. They have been used for fieldwork, war and performance in their…

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  • Innovative Cavallo Hoof Boots
    6 Things To Consider When Constructing Your Horse’s Barefoot Program

    Like Your Trimmer In a natural wild herd environment, horses will easily travel 10 miles a day foraging for food on rough aggressive terrain and naturally trimming their hoofs to suit the environment. Your barefoot trimmer must trim your horse to compensate for the lack of natural environment and movement. Your trimmer must balance the…

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  • drawing of hoof
    Seedy Toe, Thrush, Hoof Cracks?

    This is not a discussion on the more serious hoof related issues such as laminitis, deformity, injury or navicular disease but rather a simple over view of our common problems; their cause, origin and some basic considerations for treatment. NUTRIENTS The hoof requires simple nutrients. It’s not complicated and nature provides. Horses are enduring survivors….

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  • Adam Kittel - Cavallo Hoof Boots Testimonial
    Yes – you can be a Farrier AND a Barefoot Advocate!

    “My farrier is a barefoot advocate. A healthy hoof is one without nails. He gave me plenty of advice on keeping my horses hooves healthy.  He recommended using boots for trail rides and sand arena work.  My mare is a retired reining horse and prone to abscess.  The first time I put the Trek hoof  boot on…

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  • nailing metal into your horse's feet
    Nailing metal to your horse’s feet? Hoof Hints

    Nailing metal to your horse’s feet? HISTORY LESSON Horses were first shod with metal shoes 1500 hundred years ago, when horses were captured for use in battle. The confined horse’s hoof was weakened by a fetid environment and lack of movement. Limited movement meant restricted blood circulation and significant loss of nutrient supply to the…

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  • hoof care during winter
    Hoof Care During Winter Months

    Hoof Care During Winter Months You’ve had another magnificent summer with your horse. Invigorating rides, countless trips to the barn, canters through the emerald green countryside, the sun streaming, shadows through the forest, the sweet scent of horseflesh on supple leather, lazy picnic lunches as your trusty mount grazes succulent sward nearby – dips in…

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