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  • nailing metal into your horse's feet
    Nailing metal to your horse’s feet? Hoof Hints

    Nailing metal to your horse’s feet? HISTORY LESSON Horses were first shod with metal shoes 1500 hundred years ago, when horses were captured for use in battle. The confined horse’s hoof was weakened by a fetid environment and lack of movement. Limited movement meant restricted blood circulation and significant loss of nutrient supply to the…

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  • hoof care during winter
    Hoof Care During Winter Months

    Hoof Care During Winter Months You’ve had another magnificent summer with your horse. Invigorating rides, countless trips to the barn, canters through the emerald green countryside, the sun streaming, shadows through the forest, the sweet scent of horseflesh on supple leather, lazy picnic lunches as your trusty mount grazes succulent sward nearby – dips in…

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  • your healthy horse
    Your Healthy Horse

    Your Healthy Horse: The Barefoot Horse Many of us are happy to allow our horses to ‘go barefoot’. We see the benefits of a more natural program. We don’t like pounding nails into the hoof every 6 weeks. We understand that metal may not be the best composite to secure live tissue. Shoeing is expensive…

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  • There are no horseshoes in heaven
    The President of Cavallo is a customer too!

    Carole took time out from running her North American office to sit down and tell the story of her mare’s transformation: “It’s easy for me to advocate horse boots because I have a lot of history in horse care as well as in business.

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  • hoof boot advice
    Advice to Farriers

    Our horses have tolerated protracted toes, square toes, long and short heels, straight and sloping angles. They have suffered through domestication and lack of movement.

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  • Shelley Hamilton Hoof X-Rays Cavallo Hoof Boots Laminitis Therapy no number
    What YOU’RE Saying! February, 2019

    Each month, beautiful letters arrive at Cavallo – messages brimming with heartfelt stories of rehabilitation, successful improvement and transformational vitality of beloved horses.  Inspired to share – here’s a collection of Jenny’s Top Picks from February: X-Ray Results Everyone Wants to See I shall try to keep this short, but when miracles happen it needs…

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  • Emma Massingale Tricycle ride across Europe - Cavallo Hoof Boots (2)
    Friends of Cavallo! February 2019

    At Cavallo we have many friends who we like to keep track of, as they’re always up to something interesting!   Emma Massingale – Crossing Europe – One Smile at a Time! Emma and two of her small horses are soon embarking on a tricycle  trip across Europe doing what she loves best – making…

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  • We are All Flesh

    In Australia for Equitana , Greg and I attended an art show at the Art Gallery of South Australia . One piece in particular, stopped us in our tracks. The title of the sculpture was ‘We are all Flesh’. Why? Belgian artist, Belinde De Bruyckere created this thought-provoking sculpture.  It is two real horses, hanging by a winch.  It was shocking….

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  • Monty Roberts Cavallo Horse Hoof Boots - PTSD Workshop
    Friends of Cavallo – January 2019!

    At Cavallo we have many friends who we like to keep track of, as they’re always up to something interesting! We Ride Sport & Trail Magazine – Jan/Feb 2019 Issue The January/February Issue is now LIVE!  This issue includes an article I wrote about barefoot functional hoof tips, great stories by Jeff Wilson, Nancy Slater, Barbra Schulte, Lord Xalvador-…

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