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Barefoot Horse Information

By Carole Herder

In addition to some other great associations, Liberated Horsemanship endorses Cavallo Boots – the all-terrain, simplest, safest and most comfortable hoof boots in the world. Liberated Horsemanship is a fantastic resource full of useful articles, details of riding and training programs, public education and physical therapy sessions directed towards hoof care providers. They have a Natural Trim two day course coming up in September where you can learn in detail the anatomy of the lower leg of the horse and try your hand at trimming a cadaver hoof! It is open to all. Then there is their five day course, perfect for those wanting to trim their own horses or explore the idea of a career in barefoot trimming. They have a full hoof care certification program. They also do a ‘Kick Start’ course specifically for existing professionals in the business. And check out their ‘Free Articles’ section – a wealth of free knowledge at your fingertips. Check out their website:

And did you know there is an International Bare Hoof Association? Known as the IBHA, their aim is to unite all owners of barefoot equines, whatever the trimming style or sport of choice. Membership benefits include an online subscription to The Horse’s Hoof Magazine, access to an online forum, discounts to seminars and a list of services for the barefoot industry. It has an international community behind it with members hailing from all over the world. You can sign up at or drop any of the board members a question.

I hope you find some of the above information useful. There is plenty of support out there for you, whether you need assistance on trimming, horse health or balanced riding. Why not drop us a line if you have any questions about hoof boots or saddle pads, which are some of our specialty products.

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