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Brumby Expert visits with Cavallo

I (Carole Herder, Cavallo President) leaned down off my horse to give Brian Hampson a welcome hug when he arrived at our ranch. Even before I had corrected myself back in the saddle, Brian’s gaze had  focused on my horse’s hoofs. “Quarter horses do tend towards small feet,” he mused. “I should probably stop looking at horse’s feet all the time.”

For Brian Hampson, horses’ hoofs are everything. This man knows more about barefoot hoofs than one could ever imagine. He shares proven insights that only his scientific mind could provide, but he had never been to a baseball game. So before his presentation in Bow, Washington, we took Brian to Safeco Field to watch the Twins play the Mariners. In the car, he regaled us with stories of the outback, about “stick piggin”, studded collared aussie dogs, and man-eating crocodiles. We heard about his new invention for a feeding system to encourage domestic horse movement and hoof strength.

Triggered by the big horse shoes on this carriage horse in downtown Seattle, he told Greg and I about his background in prosthetics development and sports physiotherapy.

It was debated whether the USA has 30 or 40 thousand wild mustangs. Astonishingly, Australia has 1.2 million!! And this number is expected to DOUBLE in the next four years.

Christina Clein, clinic host, Brian Hampson, and Carole Herder, Cavallo President at the Bow, WA clinic

WOW! If you were going to write your thesis on Brumbies and wild horse hoofs, the outback of Australia would be the place to do it.

At the clinic this past weekend, we got the fascinating facts on wild horse hoofs. So stay tuned – there’s more to come on Brian’s research in the next blogs.

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