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Carole Herder speaks about Hoofs at Equine Affaire

Hoof Boots vs Shoes vs Barefoot: The Pros, Cons & Other Issues for Consideration

Thursday, April 7th 6:00pm-7:00pm Bricker Annex Demo Ring

What happens to the Horses’ hoofs when ridden with metal shoes, hoof boots or barefoot. Learn how your understanding of these concepts can change the life experience of your horse and what you can do TODAY to make a difference. You will learn the 2 most important functions of the hoof, the characteristics of proper hoof care, the role of hoof boots, the various options you have available and the purpose that they perform. Making the right decision for your horse requires current information and an understanding of the choices and options available to you. Hear real life stories and understand the complete function of hoof boots – both the benefits and potential problems.

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