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Carole Herder speaks at Equine Affaire

Equine Affaire Ohio Sunday April 10, 2011 3:00 PM – 4:00 PM
Turn your Passion into a Viable Business

You know you are passionate about horses, but how do you turn your passion into a vocation in the horse world? You need to start with the end in mind and make the right choices to get there. Learn to engage, service and sell. Get inspiration on turning your love of horses into a fulfilling business that earns you money. Discover the 6 imperative questions, 5 P’s of marketing and a simple equation to ensure your success. Learn to make your choices profitable.

Carole Herder, President, Cavallo Horse & Rider

Carole Herder is the founder and President of Cavallo Horse & Rider Inc. She invented and developed the Total Comfort System saddle pad to relieve back pain on horses ridden under saddle. She also invented the Cavallo Simple Hoof Boot ( the simple on, simple off and stays on all terrain hoof boot) and recently the Cavallo Sport Hoof Boot. Carole has her degree in Business Administration and has run her own businesses for the past 24 years. She was nominated as one of three Female Entrepreneurs of the Year in Canada in 2010. Carole lives, breathes and sleeps horses and hoof care.

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