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Cassie’s Simple Boots

I just wanted to say thank you for these wonderful boots! I am still riding my 28 yr old TB mare because of them!

She was originally my daughter’s show horse – but when my daughter went off to college, Cassie stayed behind in semi-retirement. Unfortunately, as she aged, her already bad feet got worse fast – couldn’t keep a shoe on her for more than a week. We decided to pull her shoes and let her move into retirement in the pasture (at just 20). After about 6 months of letting her feet grow out – it was obvious that after years of being ridden several times a week, she was fast growing bored (and getting into trouble). We tried multiple products to toughen up her feet enough to ride her, but no luck.

About 5 years ago I discovered your Cavallo simple boot – and after one trial ride where we had to keep stopping to look at our feet , Cassie is now nicknamed “Cinderella ” at the barn because of her obvious love of her “slippers”! I am back to riding her on a regular basis – we take nice long strolls through the woods – and not tree roots, pine cones, rocks or concrete phase her! Once her boots are on – she steps out strong and confident. We ride through puddles, mud, woods – we may have an occasional velco strap come loose, but the shoe itself never budges. I just ordered her a new pair (have a strap ready to wear all the way through) – in purple to match her diva personality!

Thank you for giving me and Cassie many more years of strolling pleasure!

P.S And my favorite thing about the simple boots – they are SIMPLE!! Slide on, stay on, keep them clean – and a new set of inserts about once a year – all that is needed! As soon as I start tacking Cassie up to ride, she starts picking up her front feet – wants to make sure I remember the slippers!

Cassie – at the happy and healthy age of 28

Cassie – at the happy and healthy age of 28

Thank you,
Pat Allison (and Cassie too!)

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