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  • A trainer along with people who have all participated in a horse clinic.
    4 Simple Clinic Tips

    Clinics are great  and simple opportunities to receive riding tips and advice from some great trainers. But if you’ve never ridden in a clinic before, attending your first clinic can be an intimidating experience. These simple clinic tips can help you to prepare so you’re ready to ride and learn at your first clinic. Research…

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  • Equine Assisted Learning: An Emerging Practice

    By now, you’ve probably heard of therapeutic riding. It’s true that therapeutic riding offers participants many great benefits, but have you heard of equine assisted learning? Equine assisted learning is an emerging practice which continues to gain popularity. Interested?

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  • Cavallo Hoof Boots
    Those Incredible Equines: Horses Can Recognize Human Emotions

    Have you ever noticed a difference in your horse on days when you’re feeling sad? Maybe he’s softer and quieter with you – it almost seems like he knows you’re upset. And the same can be true of days when you’re feeling on top of the world as you enjoy a canter across a field. Your horse might throw in an exuberant buck or two in his excitement.

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  • Meet Emma Massingale – Liberty Rider

    Meet Emma Massingale – a true horse lover and adventuress, free-rider Emma is continually pushing the boundaries of the equine and human relationship. Last year, Emma lived with horses, wild and tame, for one month on an island.

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  • Building Trust

    Trust: the belief that someone or something is reliable, good, honest and will not harm you. A trust is something committed or entrusted to one’s care for safekeeping. So, do you trust your horse? Does your horse trust you? I have seen my share of fine horses over the years and as I get a…

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  • Look Who’s Coming Out of the Woodwork

    By Carole Herder Summarizing some of the talks I was giving at various horse events and conferences, turned out to be a 250 page book. I couldn’t stop writing once I started. That was three years ago and every time I thought I was nearing conclusion, something very important demanded to be highlighted. Having never…

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  • First Woman to Win in 155 Years!

    By Carole Herder This title says it all! Last week, jockey Michelle Payne won the Melbourne Cup. She is the first woman to do it since the inception of the iconic race 155 years ago. The Melbourne Cup, Australia’s most prestigious Thoroughbred race rivals the Kentucky Derby in magnificence. When Michelle Payne got off her…

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  • Set Your Horse Up To Succeed

    “In horse training, time is the least important factor” – this is the hardest lesson I have learnt. My children and my horses have taught me more patience over the years than I could have ever imagined! Yet I still find myself checking my watch before I go outside and subconsciously calculating how much time…

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  • Getting a Handle on Things – Respectfully

    Horse Handling & Riding Styles I still find it mildly amusing when people joke about how badly behaved their horse is, how he constantly invades their space, won’t stand still and drags the owner around. They think this is hilarious and laugh it off because he is okay to ride most of the time. They…

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