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  • Natural Horse Magazine, July/Aug/Sept 2018

    The Hoof We See and a Disease of the White Line’ – Article by Carole Herder Click HERE to read!                           Hope you enjoy the article! Wishing you many happy miles in the saddle,

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  • A very toothy horse
    Assist your Horse Through Season Change #3 – Long in the Tooth

    Different weather patterns and vegetal growth have a significant impact on animals who live outside. Transitioning between seasons can be challenging, especially when conditions change dramatically. Properly managing some vital practices will provide your horse with the best chance for weathering these potentially severe fluctuations. In the wild, horses have access to hours of grazing…

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  • Reduce Your Impact in the Saddle

    Our horses’ backs must support our weight and help balance us as we ride. Whether you’re jumping a course or heading out on a trail ride, the simple act of being in the saddle means that you have a significant impact on your horse’s back. Luckily there are a number of ways that you can lessen your impact in the saddle.

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