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    At the Functional Hoof Conference in Australia we broke free of tradition to enter the field of current education and it’s many possibilities. Three jam-packed days of exciting conversations, wild Australian weather, power outages and flooding, resulted in an insight that can only be developed through eyes that have opened to a greater point of…

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  • Care of bare hoofs in winter

    Terrain changes can create treacherous conditions. Once soft smooth footing can turn to uneven rigid protuberances. Watch for change in your horse’s environment and use caution when required. Let’s face it most of us ride less during cold weather, but standing in a stall can create energy abundance in your horse. Rather than have him…

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  • How Do You Make the World a Brighter Place

    Imagine people still smoking in airplanes, believing the world was flat and using leeches to suck out their blood for a variety of ailments. Women with power – burned at the stake. Snake oil, voodoo, and Big Foot. In our quest for a better world, we seek knowledge. We seek truth. We go beyond boundaries…

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  • Born to be Wild

    What do Mexico’s Rarámuri native people and Australia’s wild horses, or Brumbies, have in common? Well, a few things. Both travel rugged terrain. Both are good runners. Both have lived removed from the influence of outside people and modern culture for a long time, over 500 and 200 years respectively. And, thanks to that relative…

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  • Brumby Expert visits with Cavallo

    I (Carole Herder, Cavallo President) leaned down off my horse to give Brian Hampson a welcome hug when he arrived at our ranch. Even before I had corrected myself back in the saddle, Brian’s gaze had  focused on my horse’s hoofs. “Quarter horses do tend towards small feet,” he mused. “I should probably stop looking…

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  • Herman’s Helpful Hints

    Have a question about your horse? Need hoof advice? Ask an expert! Question about how to treat a hoof problem? Help with transitioning from wearing shoes? Dr. Geertsema can help.

    Please submit your question by clicking here – Submit a question to Dr. Geertsema

    About Dr. Geertsema

    Dr Geertsema graduated from the Ontario Veterinary College (North America’s oldest veterinary collge) in 1994. He also holds an Animal Science degree from the Ontario Young Dr. Geertsma Agricultural College(1989).

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  • The Barefoot Horse

    Many of us are happy to allow our horses to ‘go barefoot’. We see the benefits of a more natural program. We don’t like pounding nails into the hoof every 6 weeks. We understand that metal may not be the best composite to secure live tissue. Shoeing is expensive and good farriers require excessive love…

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  • Where The Rubber Meets The Road: Alternatives to Metal Horseshoes

    Our purpose is to discuss the application of horse boots as an alternative to metal shoes. The idea that horses can be barefoot is not new. Horses have a long history of barefoot performance and have carried fully armoured, full sized men into battle. They have been used for fieldwork, war and performance in their…

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