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Cavallo in Action at the Mane Event!

Customer with Cavallo apparel - Mane Event
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A super fun part of Mane Event was launching the new Cavallo clothing line – hoodies & slouchy T’s in soft, delicious pre-washed fabrics and with a gorgeous blingy Cavallo brand and hoofboot-print design!

Cavallo Meets BCH-BC at Mane Event


Cavallo Community was out in full force at the 2017 Mane Event in Chilliwack, British Columbia!  One of the many stars who visited our booth was Darcie Kerkhoven, confirmed barefoot Champion 3- day Eventer, teacher and coach.  Catherine Davidson of BCH-BC (Back Country Horsemen of British Columbia) came by with some of her members to do a little shopping.  We love the BCH-BC. These are the people who really get out and ride those trails.  If you are a member or are considering it: through Cavallo sponsorship you can get a pretty sweet deal.  Jenny was thrilled because she got to put faces to names of all those folks she chats with by phone and email.

Our favorite Vet, Hermen Geertsema took some time to visit. Let me tell you, he trims a mean hoof when he has to! Unfortunately, of course we pay vet fees for this service.  LOL.

Circle F Horse Rescue and Cavallo at Mane EventWe also love the hard-working volunteers from BC based  Circle F Horse Rescue .  Cavallo is proud to support Circle F and you may consider supporting them too …. no donation is too small.






Happy Trails,

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Carole Herder's Signature

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