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Cavallo and ATHRA

ATHRA (Australian Trail Horse Riders Association) boasts over 115 clubs nationally and was formed in 1972 for riders to enjoy a non-competitive leisure horse pursuit.

Across the unique and fascinating landscapes of Australia, wherever members travel with their horse, they’re sure to be welcomed by the local club to enjoy the riding and genuine hospitality of that area.

Carole and Greg met with the organization’s President, Tony Hart and his wife Elaine in Sydney last week to further Cavallo’s generous sponsorship of this fabulous organization and to invite ATHRA to partake with ACTHA (American Competitive Trail Horse Association) in the biggest trail ride of all time. ATHRA and ACTHA members will all be out riding together across Australia and the USA on June 4, 2011 being the most riders out on the trail in one day in the world to surpass last year’s Guiness World Record.  Go Trail Riders around the world!!

Remember to keep your trail horse comfortable and safe by wearing your Cavallo Hoof Boots. Cavallos are easy boots to put on, stay on over all terrain and are fabulous to take along as a ‘spare tire’ in case you lose a hoof shoe.

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