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Cavallo and Monty Roberts

Monty Roberts called Carole Herder at Cavallo several years ago to congratulate her and ask if he could help getting the “best saddle pad in the world” on horses’ backs. Of course Carole was delighted, but wondered how much this endorsement would cost.  Well it has now been 4 years and Monty’s supportive efforts continue around the world. Both horses and their riders  are enjoying the comfort and protection that Cavallo pads provide and Cavallo pays nothing for this labour of love. It is a dedicated service to horses and it is genuine. Pure excitement drives him to inform riders of Cavallo’s benefits.

Monty Roberts is the real deal. He is authentic and he asks that you hold his “feet to the fire”. If you ever see him do anything other than walk his talk, approach him with your finger in his chest and let him know. He is great man and in this time of showy gimmicks, he remains simple and true. Thank you Monty for all you do.

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