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Cavallo at Equitana

Don’t miss Carole Herder, president of Cavallo, speaking at Equitana at the Melborne Showgrounds in Australia, November 15th and 16th – Benefits of going barefoot and November 17th – How To Effectively Manage Your Barefoot Horse. Please visit Equitana’s website by clicking here for the full schedule.

Carole Herder is a dedicated barehoof advocate. Ms. Herder has a genuine passion to help educate horse owners. She speaks on her belief that caring for their hoofs naturally and keeping horses barefoot is best. Carole designed and developed the Cavallo Simple and Sport Boots to meet the needs of the world wide hoof boot market, helping our equine friends receive the protection required when riding on terrain that the barehoof is not conditioned to.

In 1993, Carole designed and developed the Total Comfort System Saddle Pads to address the other ‘hot spot’ for horses ridden under saddle – their sore backs. Providing comfort for horses is Carole’s passion. Before designing the Cavallo range of hoof boots, Ms Herder served as Vice President of Marketing and exclusive Worldwide Distributor for Old Macs.

Carole presents the chronicle of her own horses’ experience and shares a wealth of knowledge accumulated over extensive worldwide association with the industry experts coupled with comprehensive personal knowledge of the natural horse world. She presents her studies of hoof care, the barefoot movement and hoof boot development, highlighting various real life stories of riders and horses affected by this revolution over the past dynamic decade.

Carole answers the pertinent questions you have regarding hoof transition, hoof care and the application of hoof boots and addresses the questions you may not yet even ask.

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