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Cavallo Hoof Boot Production

By Carole Herder

As a matter of vital attention is the responsibility for quality control at the Cavallo factory. This rests primarily in the hands of every single worker, whether on a sewing machine, cutting table or hand stitching. It means that everyone must understand what they are accomplishing, why it is important and then have the common goal to do it with excellence. It’s not like producing shoes for a human – well maybe an enormous couple of attached 4 legged athletes on steroids with enough in their backpacks to eat and sleep for a few years. All Cavallo hoof boots must be cut with attention and stitched with expertise because 1000 pounds of horse is going to trample it through mud, rivers, rocks, pavement, asphalt, logging roads, creek beds, bogs, shale, granite etc. Every Cavallo hoof boot is produced with this awareness. Every Cavallo boot is hand inspected.

Greg and I love to come to the China Facility a few times a year. We make sure the conditions are optimal for health, happiness and the production level required. We enjoy the pleasant, aerated, bright environment which supports the Japanese acronym CANEI (constant and never ending improvement). We discuss our progress so everyone understands the vast impact we are having on the overall health of horses worldwide, creating an unprecedented revolution in the treatment of horses hoofs. We discuss product specifications, upgrades, advancements and my personal favorite NPD (new product development). Wait until you see what the Cavallo Team is preparing for you next!

Here I am with the incomparable, indispensable Anita Lee, manager and Becky Leung, factory supervisor.

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