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Cavallo Hoof Boots – Ready for the World

By Carole Herder

An unseasonal chill swept through all activities on our most recent trip to China, until we started loading this 40 foot container. One 20 footer destined for Europe, one for the USA – these 2 metal boxes spell relief for thousands of horses freeing them of metal shoes. It’s amazing that in every little box of boots, one horse is destined to experience revolutionary comfort and protection for their hoofs – without harmful effects. Liberated from the jarring constraint of metal, healthy hoofs are on the way.

It was great to be there and share the feeling of accomplishment. Everybody pitching in including our factory managers, Greg and myself.

It’s not only Greg and I who are family, but the factory manager is the brother of the office manager and husband of the factory supervisor, who’s cousin is the pattern maker.  If that weren’t enough family connections to keep the environment warm and uplifting, many afternoons Shana may visit to be coddled by adoring staff, and often naps peacefully in her rocker.

What a team!

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