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Cavallo Hoof Boots Sole Connection

By Carole Herder

At the foundation of any great footwear product, for humans or horses, is a strong durable well made sole. Eric Chiu is Cavallo’s trusted authority in this area. In fact, he and Greg have worked together for over 15 years. At that time it was on world renown Doc Martens in the Industrial Footwear area. Eric’s amazing company supplies high performance quality outsoles to not only Cavallo but to Wolverine, Caterpillar and another equine connection who we all know – Ariat.

We wrap up our China trip with a nice long visit with Eric and Jane. He makes the best coffee in China and they are a fundamental facet to ensuring that you get the quality you have come to trust in Cavallo Hoof Boots. They are not just suppliers. They are partners, who take a genuine interest and pride in being components of this global revolution. They are not just producing widgets. They are producing soles of boots that are the horse’s ticket to unprecedented comfort and protection. Saving horses with Cavallo Hoof Boots.

Carole & Jane Chen in the factory inspecting soles and slugs.

Carole & Eric going over development of something new and REALLY BIG for Cavallo.

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