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Cavallo Hoof Boots Travel Across the USA

By Carole Herder

The Caravan: a transcontinental horse powered journey across America is currently in progress. This amazing feat started in California in November 2014 and is aiming to hit Weirsdale in Florida on the 14th March 2015. Most participants will be carriage drivers – pairs, teams, six in hand – but all equines ridden and driven are welcome. Be a part of history in the making! You can join the group for an afternoon, day or week and can drive, ride or be a passenger.

The Caravan is aiming to cover 20-25 miles a day over varied terrain to include fields, desert, paved and gravel roads and no roads! They are looking forward to driving and riding their animals, dealing with challenges, experiencing amazing scenery and having deep conversations. Special guests will join the team at intervals along the way to discuss topics and support all participants. The 2,500 mile adventure will promote therapeutic driving, long distance driving and personal growth.

Verne Kemble, an avid promotor of healthy hooves, is taking part in this awesome trip, organized by Michael Muir and Gerard Paagman. Verne and his partner, Connie Challice, own a carriage ride company in Alberta. Their sixteen horses run barefoot and live a natural healthy lifestyle.

Cavallo Horse Hoof Boots

Michael Muir, director of Access Adventure, has lived with multiple sclerosis since he was fifteen but did not let this stop his passion for horses. He has bred, raised, trained and shown horses globally and has won medals from international and world championships. An experienced long distance carriage driver, he led a team of people with disabilities on a three thousand mile journey in 2001.
He has driven across Europe and southern United States, driving wheelchair accessible carriages.

Michael’s co-organiser, Gerard, will be driving a team of six Friesians while Verne is providing a team of barefoot Belgian/Quarter horse-crosses and will be using Cavallo Hoof Boots for protection when required.

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