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Why barefoot ?

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Truly a marvel of engineering, your horse’s hooves are natural shock absorbers, created to expand upon impact to absorb stress. Unlike metal horseshoes, hoof boots allow the hoof to expand the way nature intended, improving circulation in the hoof and reducing strain on the supporting muscles and ligaments. Best of all, hoof boots are intended to be removed after a ride, allowing your horse to relax just the way you do after a hard day on your feet … barefoot.

The benefits

Which Hoof Boots are Best for Trail Riding?

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A good hoof boot is made of a strong upper material that is flexible and strong. It should comfortably cover the horse’s hoof and fasten easily. It is securely connected to a hard wearing sole that provides support and protection for the  barefoot horse to be ridden over and through any terrain at any speed. A good hoof boot should be simple and quick to put on. This should be an easy procedure. It should stay on through all terrain and it should only come off when YOU want to take it off, not fall off while you are on a ride. Cavallo Boots allow you to ride through any terrain at any speed. You do not need a special trim or hoof shape. You do not require special tools, equipment or replaceable parts.

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Cavallo Total Comfort System Saddle pads are the best saddle pads in the World today.

Monty Roberts

The Man Who Listens to Horses

I have used the Simple Hoof Boots on all three of my horses for the last 4 years. I run my horses barefoot, but when we go up into the Tetons, I always boot them. There isn’t anything we haven’t experienced in our gorgeous mountains. We have been through deep rivers, sucky mud, slick ice and snow, smooth granite slabs, rocky trails and greasy, muddy slopes. We have never had a Cavallo boot come off or had one wear sores on my horses feet. Our terrain is rough, but incredibly breath taking. I’m 64 and depend on my horses to get me to and from these incredible mountains safely. Thanks to the boots, I never have to worry about walking out 10 or 15 miles because my horse lost a shoe. Thanks Cavallo, for a hoof boot that even a more seasoned (old) lady can get on and off with ease.


St. Anthony, Idaho