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Cavallo is all about the horse

We put a lot of thought into naming our company, but in the end, it turned out to be easy. Cavallo. Cavallo Horse and Rider Inc. It’s all about the horse.

Cavallo’ is used in modern Italian for horse; ‘caballo’ in Spanish. These words along with the French ‘cheval’ and all of the derived English such as ‘cavalry’ and ‘cavalcade’ come from the vulgar, or colloquial, Latin, ‘caballus’. ‘Caballus’ came from the Gaulish ‘caballos’.

We set out to create a company that puts comfort, protection and support for horses first. At Cavallo, we consider your horses, what we know about them from experience and what we know about them from science, when we design horse products to improve their comfort and health. The beauty of our philosophy is that it naturally supports the quality of the relationship between horse and rider—and the ride.

Horses and rider, a common experience

Riding spans the ages and cultures and becomes its own universal language. Different approaches exist within the horse and rider universe. We at Cavallo appreciate those that support the natural hoof and physicality of horses and those that consider horses’ comfort and well-being. But it is the common horse and rider experience that is so amazing throughout history.

Horses are so much a part of the human experience, most languages have idiomatic expressions involving horses and riding. ‘A caballo regalado, no mires el diente.’ Or ‘Don’t look a gift horse on the mouth’ is an example. We’ll leave you with one that doesn’t exactly have a horse-related equivalent in English. ‘Puntare sul cavallo vincente.’ It means ‘to bet on the winning horse’ or ‘to bet on a sure thing’. You can bet on Cavallo, our hoof boots and our other products. We are all about horses.

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