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At the Functional Hoof Conference in Australia we broke free of tradition to enter the field of current education and it’s many possibilities. Three jam-packed days of exciting conversations, wild Australian weather, power outages and flooding, resulted in an insight that can only be developed through eyes that have opened to a greater point of view.

Surrounded with the Industry’s leading authorities, we discussed topics ranging from laminitis to horse husbandry, reveling in the parallels of various outlooks. We talked about the value in all of us, as horse people, getting on the same page with a common goal. Don’t we all just want the best for our horses?

Carole Herder, President, talks at the Functional Hoof Conference

It is not only habit, but lack of education that keeps us fixed in outdated practices.

I trust that this inaugural conference will pave the way for many more to come. And we will come to know what we must about the natural function of the hoof.

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