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Cavallos – The Easiest Hoof Boots

A wonderful testimonial submitted to Cavallo from Australia. Run free Flynn!

I have had my horses barefoot for the last 10 -12 years. I have tried Old Mac boots, Cavallo and Easy Boots. Gotta say the Cavallo hoof boots are by far the easiest, most reliable and endurable boot. When I first got them I did a 240 km trail ride (over a week) with 200 riders (raising money for MS) the boots were great. Later I moved to QLD (Australia) and my Q/H suffered badly with laminitis. The ground was very rocky and he lived in those boots 24/7 ( with added high density rubber under his sole). They were a god send! Ten months later he wore them transported back to NSW. The ground here is softer so only wore them on his bad days. For 5 yrs we battled but eventually lost the fight and now my Flynn races in the wind without pain. All this was under the supervision of a barefoot farrier.

Judy, Australia

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