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Dealing with Ice

One of the biggest concerns is whether the horses are drinking enough water. This time of year many people have been dealing with frozen water in the buckets.  One trick I have found that avoids a build up of ice chunks around the water bucket is to have two water buckets and rotate them.  The frozen one goes inside to thaw and the warm one that was inside goes out to the horse.  This way the horse has a chance to drink room temperature wate which may be more attractive than ice water.

You may feel that if it’s not hot out the concern shouldn’t be so great, but if they are not drinking enough because of the cold conditions and icy water at hand, they are very susceptible to impaction colic.

Something as simple as throwing in a small handful of loose salt into their feed will help ensure that they get thirsty enough to drink the required water for their system…keeping things flowing smoothly!

Written by Cavallo’s favourite vet – Dr Hermen Geertsema.  Have a question?  Ask our vet!   Submit a question to Dr. Geertsema

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