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Do Cavallo Hoof Boots Stay On?

Do Cavallo horse hoof boots stay on the hoof?

Do Cavallo Hoof Boots Stay On? You bet your booties they do!

More important than style, colour or price, the number one consideration when buying a hoof boot is…will they STAY ON?

I live in the rainforest on the West Coast of Canada, and we ride on the roughest of logging roads up our local mountain. We go across rocky creeks, through the thickest of mud and on crushed and broken rock. That’s just how it is here! I set out to design hoof boots that I could use myself, and I knew they had to be ready for ANYTHING to make it on our terrain.

Special Patented Design Keeps Boots ON the Hoof

Which Horse hoof boot stays on the best? Cavallo Boots are designed to stay on the hoofTo ensure Cavallo Boots would stay in place and stay ON, I designed them to mimic the natural shape of horses’ hooves.

The conical shape, matched with industrial-strength Velcro, prevents boots from coming off when sized and fitted well. This is why our boots have the ultimate staying power and are known to stay on through anything.

Cavallos enclose the entire hoof and also protect the bulb area. Both the tongue (which can be adjusted to the angle of the hoof) and the soft collars (which can be tightened by closing the boots) also serve to hold the boots in place, even on a less-than-perfect hoof.

Customizing your Cavallo Fit

The fit of your boots is extremely important. We can help you with this by looking over your hoof measurement photos and giving you a size recommendation for your equine. You can view photo examples and upload your own photos HERE!

Cavallos are designed with a gripping TPU sole and a boot upper that fits over the horse’s heel bulbs. Inside, the hoof boots form around the horse’s heel bulbs. The boots’ bulb area is made from soft foam coated in leather. Through the break-in process, this leather forms to fit each horse’s unique heel bulb structures and the rest of the boot uppers have a soft foam lining to ensure your horse’s comfort. Think of high-quality leather shoes for humans–once the shoes break in and form to the foot, the fit is perfect. You can also speed up the break-in process by wearing your Cavallos in water, soaking in warm water or using a leather conditioner to “work” the leather at the heel bulb.

You can further customize your horse’s Cavallo boot fit by adding our hoof boot pads & wraps or sleeves. These accessories can be used to help your horse’s boots fit well and stay on. Many users will pop in pads right after a trim, when the boots fit a little looser, and take them out after a few weeks of growth snugs the boots up.

Mud and Moisture: No Match for Cavallo Drainage

Why do your Cavallo Boots stay on so well in wet, slushy or mucky conditions? The boots’ unique drainage system prevents moisture from creating a vacuum and sucking a boot off. With proper drainage, water, mud and moisture flow right through the boot. I made this video so I could explain the Cavallo Boot drainage system to you – watch it here!

Here’s a fun video sent to us by Sue Grice, who built a champagne fountain to show how Cavallo Boot drainage works (don’t worry – no champagne was harmed in the making of this video!).

The Test of SPEED

Check out this video of Emmely Wulf riding her horse in Cavallo boots.

“When people in Norway tell Wulf that her Cavallo Boots are cute, but they bet she can’t go very fast, she simply boots up and flies past them at 40 miles per hour– letting them eat her dust!” her friends report.

Cavallo Hoof Boots Stay On

“The boots are great and last on the trails. We’ve never lost a Cavallo while riding, and we have some deep mud bogs on some of our trails. They stay on well, get good traction on slick areas and are easy to put on and off.”Christy Cagle & Duke the Mustang





Wishing you many happy trails,


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