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Don’t Leave Home Without Your Cavallo Hoof Boots

Dear Cavallo,

I went camping with my horse at the Double J Ranch over the Memorial Weekend. My horse, Hollywood, has laminitis issues and was wearing shoes on the front with pads. During our ride, a shoe came off on our first camping day. I was devastated. Too far from home to do anything about it and stuck without a horse to ride for the weekend. The owner, Dave Jarvis, pulled the other shoe and suggested boots. My sister was en route from Charleston to Whitmire to camp with us. I quickly Googled your website and found a tack store in Lexington, SC, that sold your boots. My sister stopped and bought a size 2 and my weekend was saved. Thank you! Without your boots my weekend would have been ruined. I am now going shoeless (vet approved) and riding strictly with the Cavallo Hoof Boots. PS: Here is an older picture of me and Hollywood. As you can see, I’ve ridden with your boots before. Lesson NOT leave home without your Cavallo Boots!

Jo Swain, Johns Island, SC, USA

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