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Doug Mills, 5 time Winner of Trainers Challenge using his Cavallo Pads.

Doug has built his training skills and riding abilities over a lifetime of horsemanship. Born and raised on a working cattle ranch in Utah, Doug’s  lifestyle offered him the opportunity to observe horses and their instincts in their natural environment. This is the key to Doug’s ability to read and communicate with horses. Doug credits many clinicians and trainers for the success of his program, but the horse is still his most influential teacher.

Watching Doug at Mane Event two weekends ago was like poetry in motion. The luck of the draw gave Doug a challenging young colt. Doug figured his disposition was like having ‘ a lot of heart’. He said he didn’t want to compromise that. He said when we try to ride a free flowing wild spirit; we need to proceed very gently, with feel and understanding while keeping his spirit intact. He wanted Chance to stop bucking and ‘surrender’ to him in the knowledge that Doug is a leader who would protect his character.

I admire Doug’s willingness to forego hastiness in his effort to lay a solid foundation for Chance; to give him the best opportunity for his future domestic life with humans.

Doug didn’t get to ride young Chance around in all gaits or do any special tricks on him, but this young colt left Mane Event with the trust and knowledge that can only be endowed by a supreme master of horsemanship. Check out Doug Mills at

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