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Dreams Come True with Cavallo

Cavallo Hoof Boots Emma Massingale Cinderella Video

A Horsey Love Story

A dashing Equine Prince meets a True Beauty at the Royal Equine Ball. They dance the night away and a deep magical love envelops them! Suddenly, as the clock strikes midnight, she disappears, leaving only her bedazzling and dainty “slipper” behind! The Prince awakens the following morning with an overwhelming desire to find his mysterious beloved. He scours the countryside, galloping far and wide in search of the astounding beauty whose hoof will fit this VERY SPARKLY clue!

still Cavallo Hoof Boots Emma Massingale Cinderella

Created with dazzle and shine, these boots are everything you have come to trust in Cavallo Hoof Boots – tough as nails (and the sparkles stay put)!  Watch and share this with your friends, family and, of course, any children you know!  

The Talent of Emma Massingale

Emma Massingale and her talented herd produced this uplifting video – a big thank you to this amazing team! From the story board, to training her horses and then filming and editing this video, Emma is indeed worthy of her new title as Cavallo Global Ambassador!

Wishing you happy trails and the best of 2019!

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