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Eavesdropping for the Horse’s Wellness

By Carole Herder

I really don’t intend to listen in, but when I am standing in my booth at a trade show and people have conversations about my favorite topic; short of plugging my ears or leaving my booth, I just overhear them. And at times, it can be pretty interesting.

The girl was about eighteen and was leasing a new horse. She had ridden him a couple of times and knew how he went, so continued to ask the owner all the other usual questions: what was he fed, did he have turnout, did he use a blanket, was all the tack included and who would pay the farrier to come shoe him. The owner replied that he wasn’t shod and the girl said that was great and she didn’t mind that he had been barefoot, but now he would be ridden more often. To which the owner then responded, ‘Well, we can leave the shoes off so long as you’re not doing any road work’. Young girl said that although she loved the arena work, she fully intended to get out on some trail rides. ‘Thank God’, I thought ‘Horses LOVE the trail ’ Owner replies that of course in that case the horse would require metal shoes.

To which I nearly exploded with, ‘No. No. Just put on some Cavallos on when you trail ride!!!!!’

Now, perhaps this person had never heard of hoof boots or was unaware of their benefits, even though they were standing at my booth. I held my tongue because I wasn’t supposed to be listening anyway. But, really! With that horse’s well being in mind, I quietly mentioned it to the young girl later!

Humans are very much influenced by recommendation; especially people they look up to …. who own the horse they are riding. They don’t like to try new things for themselves (of course, I am generalizing here). But without someone trying something new, no-one else will benefit. In order to learn, to test, to improve, we must try. I know I certainly went way out on a limb trying new things. It’s how I learned what was right. It’s about the contrast: right and wrong. If you always do the same thing, there is nothing to compare to.

So let’s support the option. Let’s support the Boot Battle.


I’m not asking to promote my products (unless of course you love them), but moreover to promote healthier lives for our horses and easier lives for the owners. Be the messenger. Social media has left us with no excuse to get the word out so if you love hoof boots and barefoot horses, Facebook, Tweet, Instagram, Pinterest, Link In, whatever you can do to recommend hoof boots, promote barefoot horses and highlight the issues with shoeing. People don’t know what they don’t know so the more we push the knowledge out there, the better chance we have of helping everyone.

Equestrians are so quick to jump to the answer of shoes, it still baffles me. What can a metal shoe do that a hoof boot can’t…..? I have no answer.

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