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Meet Cavallo’s New Envoy, Emma Massingale!

Emma Massingale Horse Boarding along ocean Devon with Cavallo Hoof Boots (2)

An Ambassador of Accomplishment

Emma Massingale horse trainer Cavallo Hoof BootsEmma Massingale is known to many through her work with her horses and famous minis, Ernie and Albert.  She’s featured in publications and broadcasts that have received world-wide audience acclamation, even including a documentary produced by the distinguished British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC).  Emma makes her own notable reality biopics such as The High Road and The Island Project, and she produces frequent videos released on social media showcasing the talents of her herd.

Emma – Unprecedented Horsemanship

Emma Massingale has recently been appointed as our Global Ambassador to Cavallo!  Born in the United Kingdom, Emma ventures to unique destinations with her horses, often challenged by severe terrain, weather and limited supplies. She places her horses’ comfort above her own, evidenced by the fact that she doesn’t leave home without her Cavallo Hoof Boots!  Emma’s pioneering spirit is fueled by a combination of adventure and natural horsemanship. Her quest for knowledge and understanding pushes the limits of the past and extends boldly to the unprecedented.

Here’s What Emma has to say About Becoming our Ambassador:

“My journey into the world of Barefoot was a tentative one. I knew I liked the idea of having my horses without shoes, but was really worried about how in reality I could make this work. It’s easy to get swayed by strong opinions and convincing arguments. I tried to block all that out and look at my horses, what do they need to be able to function and be totally happy at work and out in the field? Coming from an Eventing background I knew I didn’t want to spend years ‘transitioning’ or such, I just want to be able to ride happy, sound horses. I tried many of the different hoof boots on the market to begin with just on the backs (as I had the horses shod in front). This gave me the freedom to still be able to ride and jump as I always had – this also meant that my horses were ‘safer’ without hind shoes in the field. The down side was that the boots I was using kept coming off!  They were okay on the road, but a ride on the beach or gallop in the field was ruined by having to go and find the lost boot in some muddy hole where they had been sucked off!

 A couple of years ago I was introduced to Cavallo Hoof Boots and, to be honest, I was at the point of thinking that barefoot really wasn’t going to work for me. But I spoke to the team at Cavallo and thought I would give their Trek boots a go. When the boots arrived my first thoughts were that they look like they might stay on!  After using them on my team over last two years I can honestly say that I have NEVER lost one.  This for me, first and foremost, is a massive feature! Secondly, Cavallo boots are incredible ‘off road’.  I like to ride in some pretty remote places, and when I know that the horses are totally comfortable I can enjoy my adventures that little bit more!  The boots fit really well, they are so easy to put on, and they fit at any point in the trimming cycle so no need for loads of different boots during your trim cycle. The horses have the freedom to be barefoot in the field when they are not working, which means I can relax more about having bigger herds all running together!  

I am extremely excited to be Cavallo’s first Global Ambassador, Cavallo and I share many similar views and hopefully our partnership can bring more progression to helping more horses be able to work and play barefoot. I love the fact that Cavallo knows it has a fantastic product in its hoof boots and that Greg and Carole are still always looking to find a better way…that is simply my ongoing mission and ambition to always try and improve and to find a better way!”

Emma Massingale and her horse sitting down in Cavallo Green Trek Horse Hoof Boots

This Horsewoman Raises Horse Communication to a Whole New Level

I believe you are going to LOVE this Lady!  Emma is creative, pioneering, brave and surely has a touch of magic – the magic of equiss, that is. You may remember the video we featured at Christmas (my all time favorite) that quickly exceeded 1 million views. I couldn’t believe that sweet little mini horse tucked himself into bed at night after taking pen-in-mouth to write his wish list for Santa! Everyone who saw it laughed and marveled at the talent and communication skills that created this fun and touching vignette. People who dedicate time to making other people happy are winners in my books. We intend to work with Emma to expose her horsemanship globally so that you can experience her charm first-hand.  Watch for our postings of Emma’s events and adventures in our emails and social media!

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