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Minis and a Tricycle Across Europe

Emma Massingale Tricycle Trip Europe. - Train spotting Cavallo CLB Bling Hoof Boots low res (3)

A Journey Like no Other

On May 13 Emma Massingale, her dog and two untrained miniature horses embarked on a very unusual journey.  If you think taking a horse ride always involves a horse carrying a rider along, this adventure will have you thinking way outside the box!

A Creative Equestrian Thinker

Emma Massingale is a cutting-edge leader in natural horsemanship and working with horses at liberty. A creative equestrian thinker, Emma is constantly hatching new ideas to challenge herself and her herd. Achieving interesting results that many would not think possible, is the drive and passion behind this dynamic young woman.  She’s rapidly challenging and changing the way we look at the human/horse relationship. Understanding goes far beyond routine training and forges into the realm of intuition and knowingness.  Emma’s ground-breaking ideas offer a sense of fun and freedom to those looking for a more fulfilling relationship with their horse.

Emma Massingale Mini horses - Cavallo Hoof Boots Tricycle Europe

Emma’s minis stop to smell the flowers!

And, in terms of breaking new ground and creating connection with her horses – this latest expedition was a true achievement! Emma crossed Europe on a custom-made tricycle carrying her dog and two minis – “One Smile at a Time!”.

Here’s what Emma has to say about this ambitious journey:

The power of a smile.

“I have learnt that one of the most rewarding things is to be able to make other people smile!  If we can also back this up with some fun horsemanship and an epic adventure, then it’s something worth getting pretty excited about!

I knew this year I wanted to do an adventure that included my miniatures…but where to start, as they’re too small to ride and have very short legs, not ideal for travelling long distances!  I knew it had to be something personally challenging for me but fun and easy for the ponies.

Throughout history we’ve needed horses to pull or carry us – but what if, in the 21st Century, these little horses could have one simple role, to make people smile!  My horses make me smile every day; this is not only incredible therapy but has helped me become the horsewomen I am today. Horses recognize facial expressions; I have said for many years that as crazy as it sounds just smiling at your horse can help form greater friendships and if they like us more, they are going to perform better for us in any situation.

Emma Massingale Mini horses Cavallo Hoof Boots Tricycle Europe low res

Emma takes a well-deserved nap with her mini-passengers

I chose two untrained ponies for this adventure, as I wanted to be able to share my style of training as we went along.  I also wanted to be able to share how getting out of the arena and putting yourself a little bit out of your comfort zone is a great way of working with your horses.”So, I took my two untrained miniatures – one Miniature Horse (Percy – Appaloosa) and one Miniature Shetland Pony (Stanley) – 1000 km across Europe on an epic adventure!  We cycled in a purpose-built tricycle across 6 countries with two main objectives in mind:  to give everyone we met (and those who follow us online) their daily smile and to have an epic adventure that challenged me both physically and mentally, as I can assure you that cycling along with two horses on board isn’t easy!  Stanley, Percy and I camped each night under the stars.

Of course, Emma always takes her Cavallos along. Proud to enjoy a wonderful, ongoing partnership with Cavallo, Emma keeps her herd comfortable and protected with Cavallo Hoof Boots.  Her minis are no exception. They adore their “Bling” boots and can be seen prancing along out on the trails, driving, dancing and creating horsey fairy tales.  Catching Emma’s current journey will bring a chuckle and many smiles for your imagination and enjoyment.


Ride along beside Emma (from the comfort of your armchair!) by following her journey on Facebook here:

View Emma’s website – including videos made by Emma, photos, and upcoming events, click here:

Wishing you many happy and adventurous trails,

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