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Emma’s Horseboarding Trip!

Cavallo Horse Hoof Boots - Emma Massingale Horseboarding

Emma’s Horseboarding Trip

Emma Massingale is amazing us once again.  She will be traveling along the Hebridean Way in the UK, a 185 mile long route off the West Coast of Scotland which crosses ten islands, six mind-blowing causeways, and involves several ferry rides in between. Not only will Emma be going  this length alone with just her two ponies, she’ll be making this journey while Horseboarding!

What is Horseboarding?

Horseboarding is the newest and fastest growing equestrian sport in the UK.  One person rides and takes control of the horse while the other person stands on a mountain board (a snowboard with wheels) while holding gear that’s attached to the horse.  On this newest adventure, Emma will  be performing  both roles, (working with her horse at Liberty while at the same time riding the board)  and and she’ll be the first person ever to do it!

Eriskay Ponies

One of the stops along Emma’s Hebrides trip will be the island of Eriskay, which is the place of origin of the rarest native pony in the UK, named after the island itself.   The Eriskay ponies are on the critically endangered list, with less than 300 left in the world!  Noah, Emma’s Eriskay pony, will be along for the ride,  and will be supplying the horse-power on this horseboarding trip (while dressed to the nines in his Cavallo Trek Boots!).  We can’t wait to see the incredible pictures and video footage that Emma plans to capture along the way!

Safe travels and happy trails to you, Emma!

Happy Trails,

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