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Erika Tanney – Cavallo Crusader

Cavallo is proud to introduce Erika Tanney. We feature her and her horse as outstanding Cavallo Crusaders.

Hi, I am Erika Tanney and my horse is Walkin Windchester (AKA: Jazz). We live in the state of Kansas and we have been together for 8 years. When I first got Jazz, he was a gangly unmotivated four year old, but had a heart of gold. Through our commitment to each other, Jazz grew to win 3rd place in our region and 1st in the state of Kansas for the 2010-2011 ACTHA year.

Jazz is a fabulous partner. He gives 110% in everything he does, even teaching the young neighbour boys to ride. I am very proud of Jazz. We have come to understand each other to the extent and level of trust that I can take his bridle off whenever I like. We have demonstrated that Bridleless riding is quite attainable at several clinics and shown that heightened attention brought about by freedom can be a comfortable experience. Really, we just move together so perfectly. It’s a feeling like no other. Since I am in the over 50 group and have had knee surgery, it is even more important to have a solid patient horse. Coming from the Open show circuit, I am now much happier with ACTHA trail rides.

My son is in the Army in Afganistan and I lost my mother in March, but we do have a new grandson who puts a daily smile on my face. As I go through life’s changes, Jazz remains my focus and means the world to me. I wish I could get out to even more ACTHA rides, but time and money are always a juggle, not to mention my husband.

Since discovering Cavallo Hoof Boots, Jazz is so much more comfortable. I had to be careful about water and rocks and slipping and now he just strides out into every type of terrain. If we want to spend time in the streams, it’s not a problem. Really it’s a miracle as he is willing to go wherever I ask and we can make more exciting and challenging decisions on the trail without any fear of hurting his feet. While competing in Texas at America’s Favorite Trail Horse, I received a free gift of a Cavallo Pad. The people at Cavallo really do care. They are so gracious and generous. I have enjoyed every aspect of working with them and will continue to be a strong Cavallo Crusader.

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