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Fall Pasture Maintenance Chores to Add to Your To-Do List

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Believe it or not, the fall is here!   And after that, winter.

Is your pasture ready for the demands that the changing season will bring? Now is the perfect time to perform some early fall pasture maintenance. Here are a few items you’ll want to add to your list.

Repair Fences
Before the ground freezes, take some time and walk your pasture
fences. Look for breaks, screws or nails that are working their way out, or other areas that need repair. It’s far easier to repair fences now than it will be when the snow’s blowing, so take an afternoon and see if you need to do any repairs.

Check Water Tanks and Heaters   Unpack your water tanks and water heaters from where you stored them in the spring. Go over each tank and heater, looking for cracks or signs that you need to replace it. When you examine your heaters, look for signs of rust, worn wires, or other potential issues.
If your heaters are more than a few years old, it may be worth it to replace them just to be safe – old tank heaters can sometimes emit a slight charge to the water, which will discourage horses from drinking. If you ever notice that your horses have stopped drinking from a trough during the winter, the heater may be the culprit. Try replacing it and see if it makes a difference.

Mow Down Weeds
Take your mower or tractor out and go over the pasture to mow down any weeds that have become overgrown. You won’t want the weeds choking out the grass in the fall. Trim Back Trees
Look for trees which are weak or unhealthy, and trim them back or have them removed. Trees which hang over your barn or fences may come down under a heavy snow, so a little preemptive trimming can help you avoid repairs down the line.

Repair Footing
While you’re in the pasture, look for areas where the footing may need to be repaired. This includes divots or holes that may have formed. Fill them in now before the ice and snow fills them in and makes them worse.

And if you live somewhere warm – Florida, California, Texas…well just consider us in the rest of the country, briefly. And bask in your glory.

Good luck with your fall chores!

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