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Hoof Boots for Gaited Horses

Ever wonder if you can use Cavallo Hoof boots on your gaited horse? We received this feedback from another happy Cavallo customer.

Just a note to let you know how great the Simple boot is. I have a 15 year old Peruvian Paso that I no longer show and wanted him to be a good trail horse. My Peruvian Paso is barefoot and the trails that I ride are quite rocky and steep. I finished a ride today with the Simple boot on his back hooves and the Sport boot on his front hooves. Best ride I have had with him. He scrambled over the rocks at a paso llano (similar to a trot) and a sobreandando (fast trot) and even cantered, which is not a normal gait for him. His feet were in perfect condition at the end of the ride and he was a very happy horse. Thanks for the great boots.

– Dennis Makemson, USA

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