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Hoof Boots Help Horse Heal from Abcesses

My poor little girl was in a home where she lost a ton of weight before I got her, and when her hooves grew out we had a summer of abscesses that the farrier and vet feel had a strong link to her history of malnutrition. There were 6 abscesses in all, one after the other with the worst blowing out the bottom of her sole, and as you can imagine, leaving it very sensitive. The photo below is after it toughened up, but is obviously misshapen and ugly with a big soft spot on the medial side.

Thanks to our new hoof boots protecting the surfaces, as soon as the overall tenderness disappeared, we were able to go out on short rides, slowly building up. Now we are abscess free, healthy feet, and shoeless! We just slip on our boots and go! It takes me about 5 minutes to pick her feet and put on all of her boots (we wear all 4). It is worth it. It is so nice having her barefoot the rest of the time and not having to worry about loose shoes or all the side effects of them.

Thanks so much for a boot that is easy, durable, easy to clean and comfortable.

Corine Corbitt, USA

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