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Hoof Boots Help Through Winter

For the past two months, Joyce and I have been using the Cavallo hoof boots every time our girls (mare, 12 years old) ride inside the indoor arena. It is a must during the harsh winter months to let them run at will, so that they may stretch and exercise. A lot of the time, because of the extreme temperature, we prefer to let them run at liberty. I was quite amazed to see how fast they could still run, even when they have their boots on.

Without pushing them, they engage into a canter and gallop, going around in a big oval created with barrels and cones, racing with each other. Quarter horses are…..well quarter horses, which means that most of the time, they like to run full tilt. Much to my amazement, they manage to canter at a high rate of speed for several minutes, in full comfort, well balanced, keeping their rhythm and agility. We only put boots on the front. Boy those boots are strong and tuff!! After seeing what they can do this winter, I will feel a lot more confident this summer when we will tackle unfriendly terrain while trail riding. Those boots don’t come off !! We always use the very nice Cavallo pastern wraps with their boots. I even have an extra pair for winter equipped with those small metal studs. They worked great. We also insert a piece of foam inside the boot for extra cushion. We like to use those multi-colour foam that is sold by Canadian Tire, large square pieces which are used to cushion large floor surfaces. We use a cutter to give them the form in the shape of the boots.
Hey guys, keep up the good work !!

Yves and Joyce
New Lowell, Ontario

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