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Hoof Care for the Winter Months Continued…

What we call “hoof mechanism” is the pumping function that restores hoof health to your horse; absorbing shock rather than delivering it; (The following video is an internal view of the hoof mechanism and may not be suitable for all viewers).

Your solution is to simply pull off those metal shoes and use Cavallo Hoof Boots to keep your horse comfortably free and natural.

So you’re probably thinking—what are the costs of trimming compared to shoeing. The costs of hoof boots, even with trimming costs included, will amount to less than regular shoeing. But here’s the real savings—veterinary fees! Your horse’s overall strength, respiratory, circulatory and immune system will benefit. Yes, a poorly functioning hoof can bring down the entire system, while alternatively, a properly functioning hoof has the effect of nourishing and revitalising the whole horse.

Most of us don’t ride as frequently during the winter months, so this time can be used to rehabilitate from the dangerous effects of nailing metal shoes into your horse’s feet. Hoof boots can be the most useful, practical and no-nonsense tool to assist in returning those feet to their rightful healthy state.

During the Wetter months 2-Snowy horse muzzle pic

Use Cavallo Hoof Boots for riding in winter. The boot soles naturally deter snow and ice from balling up inside the sole concavity, while adding studs can help with traction on icy surfaces. You can keep your horse moving all winter with the assistance of well fitting and well made hoof boots.

For horses dealing with bacterial infections or injuries, our boots can be used to aid in protection and speed up healing times. If you need to apply a poultice, secure a bandage, or remove thrushy bacterial infections, you can leave Cavallo Hoof Boots on even for turnout—just tape up the aeration slots to keep the hoof dry in wet weather. This will also help to combat the effects of ice shards or any other aggressive terrain.

The use and benefits of Cavallo’s are indeed multiple. And if you need any support or assistance for your new program, please contact us at

Take responsibility and be non-negotiable with your horse’s comfort and well being!

SONY DSCCarole Herder has a genuine passion for educating horse owners worldwide, especially on all matters related to natural horse care. Given her strong belief that keeping horses barefoot assists to alleviate hoof problems, Carole designed and developed Cavallo Simple, Sport and Trek Boots. In 1993, she also designed and developed Total Comfort System Saddle Pads to address the other “hot spot” for horses ridden under saddle – sore backs. Providing comfort for horses is Carole’s passion. In 2010, she won the Royal Bank of Canada western division Trail Blazer Woman Entrepreneur of the year award. Carole is an author of several publications and is currently finalizing her first book. She presents training at numerous horse events worldwide.

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