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How Do You Make the World a Brighter Place

Imagine people still smoking in airplanes, believing the world was flat and using leeches to suck out their blood for a variety of ailments. Women with power – burned at the stake. Snake oil, voodoo, and Big Foot.

In our quest for a better world, we seek knowledge. We seek truth. We go beyond boundaries of currently held thought patterns, picking freely from the proverbial tree of knowledge. We go beyond doctrines of right doing and wrong doing. We surpass the archaic and when truth is encountered we know it to be true. Our 6th sense resonates with affirmation and we immediately integrate this new information into our roster of knowledge. It’s the big AH HA. Yes, why didn’t we know that before? How could we not know that?

A tipping point is imminent. If not 2 years, it may be 5 or even 10, or perhaps next year when the majority of recreational horse owners look at their horses and apologize.  She will say to her horse, “I am sorry. I didn’t know. But from now on I will make your world a better place. You are from this day forth – free of metal shoes! I will never allow another nail to pierce into your hoof”

The barefoot movement grows stronger every day. Yes, the light bulb is going on all around the world and it is becoming a brighter place for horses and the people who love them.

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