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Cavallo Hoof boots Barefoot Trim Manual & Video

From age 10, renowned barefoot trimmer, Lynn Seeley, had been shoeing horses. He’s acknowledged that most shod that most horses have an assortment of problems in common.

Reconstructions, resections, founder and laminitis are common ailments. Lynn has come to understand how the hoof affects the entire horse and has gone on to improve their well-being by removing metal shoes and trimming barefoot horses to health and soundness.

Now, with 60+ years of practice, Lynn shares his gentle trimming method through this illustrated manual in this guide and video hosted by me. This manual should be in every horse owner’s library, for your reference and to assist your Trimmer.

Praise for The Cavallo Barefoot Trim Manual

“Thank you so much for the barefoot trim video. It gave me the confidence to ask my father, who is retired but still does our own horses, to start learning and working towards trimming myself. Under his guidance, I have worked up to doing almost an entire trim myself! While giving me pointers throughout the trim, the only thing he did today was a little more finish filing at the very end! Our horses are so happy barefoot, and the boots help when we face a rocky trail or road.”

– Mary (in Omaha, Nebraska, USA)