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Your Invitation to Join the International Liberty Horse Association

Dan James double Dan Horsemanship - International Liberty Horse Assn

Not only is Dr Elizabeth James an accomplished doctor, horsewoman and beautiful mother of two. She’s a smart gal for choosing an Aussie husband!

We always joke that we have THIS in common. Elizabeth’s husband, Dan James, while widely known as a skilled horseman, has many accolades. And now, with Elizabeth, he’s a founder of the International Liberty Horse Association!

Dan James - Half of the "Double Dans"

He’s half of Australia’s “Double Dans”. He and the equally talented Dan Steers have received international recognition since forming Double Dan Horsemanship in 2009. Dan James is also the 2012 Winner and this year’s host of The Road to the Horse, a title reserved for the world’s top horse trainers!

Dan and Elizabeth James - Double Dan Horsemanship ILHA

And while MY Aussie husband is not a horseman extraordinaire, he IS CEO of Cavallo. And those of you who’ve had the pleasure to meet my husband Greg, know what a fantastic, charming and smart Aussie man he is. Oh, and he tells me, it’s worth saying that these men have all married pretty well also!

Liberty - The State of Being Free

I’ve admired The Double Dans over the years for their wondrous interpretation and empathy of Equus. Dan and Elizabeth were recently at Equine Affaire in Springfield, MA, and we had a chance to catch up.

Greg and I were captivated learning about the James’ innovative, new project, the International Liberty Horse AssociationThe ILHA is a game changer for you, as a rider, to rate your horse and yourself. This opportunity allows you to scale up and be involved in something bigger than individual horse rides.

double dan horsemanship - Cavallo Hoof Boots

YOUR Invitation

I got to thinking that you may enjoy this type of activity. Many of us would welcome becoming contributing members of this community, and connecting on a deeper level with our horses too. AND having tons of fun!!

So, we’ve asked The James’ to give us a deal and they agreed! I couldn’t think of a better way for you to get involved than to directly experience what this relationship has to offer.

Here’s a SPECIAL INVITATION from us to YOU, our valued Cavallo Community member:

You're invited to join the ILHA and receive a discount of 25% OFF your membership!

Your ILHA membership includes:

  • Recognition of the accomplishments of your Liberty horse over his/her lifetime as you compete and place in ILHA classes

  • Eligibility to show at any ILHA horse show

  • Special insight into judging seminars

  • Access to the exclusive ILHA online newsletter

  • Your photo or article featured in members-only social media platforms

  • Personal attention from the ILHA Team

  • Enjoyment of the principles of Liberty

Dan and Elizabeth Talk About Why they Created the ILHA

The International Liberty Horse Association is dedicated to promoting the discipline of Liberty training and celebrating Liberty horses, trainers, and competitors everywhere.

ILHA has organized the discipline of Liberty with an official competitive structure, competition guidelines. They are guided by rules that promote safety, consistency, fun, and creativity for all involved.

The ILHA will serve as the “Official Governing Body” for members of the Liberty discipline. It also offers local, national, international, online, and championship Liberty horse shows and competitions.

The ILHA Judging System is the official format for judging Liberty horsemanship for its combined technical and stylistic elements.  While always rewarding the highest level of expertise with consideration for degree of difficulty.

Above all, ILHA will educate and promote the Liberty discipline through its website, publications, shows, competitions, and social media platforms.

They’re leaving this offer open to us until April 30 – Go for it!  Join now and get your 25% off!


Offer expires March 31st at midnight, PST. Regular ILHA yearly membership fee before discount: $60. Membership pricing and discount offered in USD and is valid worldwide.


Offer expires April 30th 2020 at midnight, PST. Regular ILHA yearly membership fee before discount: $60. Membership pricing and discount offered in USD and is valid worldwide.

Your At Liberty experiences with your horse are worth sharing! At Cavallo, we’re always thrilled to receive and share your stories, photos and videos with your Cavallo Community. Don’t hold back – keep them coming!

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