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Its Official! Cavallo Boots the World!

Cavallo President Carole Herder announced today that Cavallo Hoof Boots are now the Official Hoof Boots of three riding associations: American Competitive Trail Horse Association (ACTHA), Australian Trail Horse Riders Association (ATHRA) and the British Horse Society UK TREC division, plus the hugely popular TV program Best Of America By Horseback (BOABH) shown on RFD TV across the USA.

Carole commented that this official endorsement was very pleasing to the Cavallo team. It is a very strong endorsement of Cavallo Hoof Boots acceptance within the worldwide horse riding community. The focus of all these companies is in recreational trail riding where Cavallo products have been a leader since 1993 when Cavallo launched their Total Comfort System saddle pads. Carole said, “It is wonderful to have these well-respected organizations endorse Cavallo Hoof Boots as their Official Hoof Boots. There has been massive acceptance in our industry that barefoot is best. And of course, when we want to ride with our extra weight and the tack, protection and comfort for our best friends’ feet come in the form of Cavallo Hoof Boots.”

Tammy Sronce from ACTHA said, “ACTHA has enjoyed a long term partnership with Cavallo. More and more ACTHA members are riding in their Cavallo Hoof Boots. We hear very positive feedback on the performance of Cavallos – that they are the most ‘user friendly’ hoof boots available.”

Carole also commented, “It is especially pleasing that these organizations represent riders from 3 continents. This is further evidence of the global acceptance of barefoot and booting for pleasure riders, unlike other disciplines and organizations that insist, via regulations, on the archaic practice of nailing metal shoes onto horses’ feet and thereby restricting the natural function of expansion and contraction, in turn diminishing the nutritional blood circulation that is crucial to healthy hooves.”

Tony Hart, General Manager of ATHRA, affirms, “More and more of our members are joining the ‘barefoot and booted brigade’ and the vast majority are wearing Cavallo Hoof Boots. We have a lot of older riders who appreciate how easy the Cavallo Hoof Boots are to get on and off and that the Cavallos stay on during rides on all terrain. ATHRA greatly appreciates the support that Cavallo provides to our association; they are very sincere when they say the interests of our equine friends must always come first.”

Cavallo is now sold in 25 countries worldwide and Ms Herder is very proud that Cavallo has this level of distribution that sees her passion of freeing horses from metal shoes so widely accepted.  Cavallo provides various free downloads and videos on their web site offering education and information about taking your horse bare foot, visit Cavallo

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