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Jody Childs

Image of Jody Childs on her horse while doing a gaited clinic.

I first met Jody Childs at a trail riding event several years ago and was enthralled by her warmth, kindness and very apparent natural horsemanship. Jody and I chatted for several hours through the Image of Jody Childs on her horse while at a clinic.course of a few days in between trail competitions. She is the most refreshing and best combination of talent and humility. Last month, at the Pomona show, Jody got her first chance to offer her talent to the horse community. A Clinician cancelled and they were looking for someone to fill her place. Hello Jody Childs!

Although there were some nervous first jitters, Jodie relied on the confidence and trust between her and her horse and performed to an amazing reception. Great job!

I think Jody is an amazing horse womanImage of Jody Childs riding at a show. who would like to offer us something a little different by way of video training.  She get’s her client to submit four 1-2 minute videos doing different exercises to determine what the gaited horse needs. When Jody does workshops, she will tailor her methods around the people in attendance.

“I first experienced this need when I crossed from hunter jumpers to Peruvians and again when a half Peruvian named Chrome I bought as a yearling exhibited gaits I wasn’t familiar with.

Image of Jody Childs riding her horse.I searched online and read the books or watched DVDs by the best known gaited  trainers Brenda Imus, Larry Whitesell  and Gary Lane.  I was the demonstration rider for 9 expo clinics for Larry and Gary. At the urging of Gary, I started offering workshops for gaited riders and recently completed my first expo as the featured gaited  clinician.

The riders that would appeal to this the Image of Jody Childs on her horse while wearing Cavllo Sport Hoof boots and a Cavallo Saddle Pad.most are the trail riders with breeds such as Tennessee Walkers,  Rocky Mountain Saddle Horses, Missouri Fox Trotters,  Paso Finos, and of course Peruvians.

I also provide an e-book to students which summarizes and simplifies gaited horsemanship. I call it the Microwave Method.

I would imagine Equestrian Video coaching will catch on.  I have been doing it for a few people I know.”

Check out these amazing pictures of Jody Childs.

Image of Jodie Childs on her horse.




Image of Jodie Childs on her horse receiving a ribbon.

Image of Jody Childs on her horse.














Image of Jody Childs at the Fiesta of the Spanish Horse 2016







Happy trails,

Image of Cavallo President, Carole Herder with her best selling book "There are No Horseshoes in Heaven".


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